”...in some cultures nudity is feared in film and society. Today, you see Helen Hunt, Kerry Washington, Cherlize Theron, Ann Hathaway, Halle Berry—just to name a few—tell their truth in their nudity and character. Many actors cannot, and are limited by dogma or psychology. I was committed to my nudity 45 years ago.

In the brilliant stage play Frankie and Johnny and the Clair de Lune written by Terrance McNally, the two characters are nude on stage for a brief period. Not many actors can commit to that truth. [Ed. note: Grier co-starring in the stage play in 1980.] To be on stage in front of an audience nude was organic and a performance truth. And your nipples may react to the air conditioning in the room.

-Pam Grier, 2013 Ebony Interview


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